Session Beer Fest

Spring is upon us, and so are a handful of new trends circling the beer industry this season! With thousands of breweries in the nation, it isn’t a surprise that they all aim to please their drinkers by crafting variety in alcohol content, sized cans, and eco-friendly brewing processes. Although we still have a little over a week until it’s officially Springtime, we are looking forward to the season almost as much as the new products and experiences these beer trends will bring about. This Saint Patrick’s Day weekend, which is one of the biggest for throwing back a few brews, be on the look out for these 7 trends recently brought to our attention by Zagat.

1.) Session IPAs: Do you ever find yourself looking for a tasty beer, but would like to avoid an aggressive alcohol content that most likely will send you for a loop after the first round. It turns out other IPA lovers are also looking for something similar, and breweries are beginning to debut flavorful beers with lower alcohol content. Now you can enjoy the flavor and drink multiple brews in one “session”.

2.) Marijuana-Inspired Brews: Weed is on it’s way to becoming legal all over the nation and brewers are jumping on the bandwagon, releasing beers brewed with hemp seeds and complete with pun-intended names.

3.) Brett IPAs: These complex sour beers, which are a traditional in France and Belgium, are becoming trendy in the US. A special yeast brings about a tangy flavor balanced with a floral, hoppy scent. Brett IPAs seem like one of a kind even to the most experienced beer connoisseur.

4.) Gose Beer: This wheat brew can definitely be classified as a black sheep, bringing a salty and sour flavor profile, they are not always a hit with every taste tester. If you do enjoy a rare Gose, you will quickly realize that it’s taste is irreplaceable.

5.) Craft Lagers: Many small craft brewers are venturing away from signature ales considering they take much longer to perfect, and instead are looking to debut new craft lagers as a seasonal special.

6.) Crowlers: Glass growlers are no longer the only answer when you just can’t get enough of your favorite beer on tap. There is now a tabletop machine that seals a 32oz can with ease after it’s filled with your favorite brew from the tap. This enables the beer to stay fresher much longer, for that “poured at the bar” taste.

7.) Wastewater Beer: Breweries on the west coast are making bold moves to be more environmentally conscious, working to use beer to treat wastewater and vice versa. Avery brewery in CO uses it’s left over liquid to treat municipal wastewater, and over in Portland, OR recycling companies are working to sell re-purified wastewater to breweries (which is still awaiting government approval) but we wish them a green success!