LCHoliday-31With only a few days left to scramble and make sure all of your Holidays errands are complete we wanted to give you a little reminder that it’s polite to bring a little extra gift to your Holiday host! This year if you happen to be spending Christmas with your significant other’s family it’s even more important that you bring along a little something special, because who doesn’t want to impress their future in laws. Sure everyone else will most likely bring a boring bottle of wine or a cheap box of chocolates to thank the folks who are slaving away in their kitchen all day to prepare a lovely meal. But come on, you’re better than that! We’ve put together a list of a few gifts that will perfectly accompany the Holiday bar set up, even if you aren’t completely sure what’s on the menu until you arrive! Take it from us, these gifts are sure to impress your partner in crime’s family.

1.) Meats and Cheeses! Nothing goes better with a nice glass of Christmas vino like a charcuterie board. Skip the pre cut super market cheese and head over to your local deli to make a selection of cheddars, goudas, and blue cheeses. Then consider adding some salami, pepperoni and maybe even procusitto if you’re feeling real fancy. This little gift not only gets you out of preparing something using a stove, but it will also make you look quite classy!

2.) A Cocktail Kit! We’re sure your host will already have bottles ready to pop with the Holiday meal, but with all things they have on their to-do list they may not have time to make a special cocktail for all their guests. Purchase all the ingredients for one of your favorite festive cocktails and wrap them all up in a little basket. Hot Toddys, Spiked Eggnog and pretty much anything with Irish Cream is sure to be a hit. And if you want to give it an extra special touch make your own garnishes ahead to time to add to every glass at the dinner table.

3.) Barware! If your partner’s family is hosting Christmas dinner, it’s safe to say that they enjoy entertaining during other times of the year. Gifting a festive set of coasters or a box of wine charms is ideal because they will be able to use your thoughtful gift even after the Holidays wrap up! Here are a few of our favorite and affordable picks! Snow Flake Coasters, Mingling Plates, and of course Wine Charms.

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