Who said you could only drink a brew out of a bottle, can, pint glass or mug? Not us. You could even sip from a Solo cup and we wouldn’t mind, however if you’re seeking a new experience try pouring your brewski into a red wine glass. Not only will you look cool, but there are also some tasty benefits.

Matt Rutkowski, vice president of Spiegelau, the glassware company that designed the IPA glass and stout glass has even given his two cents on the matter. Here are a few reasons why a Cabernet or Bordeaux wine glass is a great choice for your burly beers.

1. The gentle curvature of a wine glass will make sure your nose catches the subtle aromas of your beer as well as the more obvious ones. You won’t miss your Double IPA’s sweet apricot or your Belgian ale’s apple and pear notes.

2. Thin glass keeps your beer ice cold. A thick glass pulls in heat fast, so your beer will get warmer and flatter in a short amount of time— yuck. A thin glass will keep your beer refreshing for however long you want to nurse it. With hot weather on the way, there’s no doubt you’ll want your beer to stay cool.

3. It gives you the entire flavor all at once. Because of its curves, a wine glass delivers your beer evenly across your tongue so that you won’t miss any nuances in the taste.

Rutkowski suggests red wine glasses, but over-sized wine glasses work too, especially for strong or high gravity beers.

Believe it or not, beer isn’t the only thing you can drink out a wine glass—try using one for your next Champagne toast. Bubbly doesn’t always have to be served in a flute; in fact, expensive Champagne should be served in a wine glass so that you can fully enjoy its aroma!