Manhattan just got a whole lot classier thanks to the new Will-Ferrell themed bar that just opened on the Lower East Side: Stay Classy. That’s right, a bar made in honor of the funny man himself, and it will have you laughing the entire time you’re in there.

Located at 174 Rivington Street, the bar is flooded with paraphernalia based on the actor’s roles on “Saturday Night Live,” “Anchorman,” “Talladega Nights,” “Step Brothers,” and “Old School.” There are games, signed posters, and Will-inspired art. You can actually stare into the eyes of Ron Burgundy while you drink your scotchy scotch scotch all night.

The bar, started by Zach Neil and Brian Link, just opened last week, and it’s currently in their “preview period,” but they are expected to launch on October 25. So, hop on a train to the LES and make sure this bar gets the business they deserve because we don’t want this ingenious establishment going anywhere.

Naturally, the drink menu is inspired by some of Ferrell’s best quotes. When you walk up to the bar, if you want some whiskey you have to order a Glass Case of Emotion. If you want some tequila, Mugatu Mule is the only way to drink it. And for the vodka drinkers, you’ll be having A Whale’s Vagina.

If you have a drink idea, they’re ready and willing to take your recommendations. So, go on their website and request a Frank The Tank or More Cowbell, and you’ll be able to order them when you visit the bar!