We love our Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day, but there are just too many fun themed cocktails out there to let this holiday pass by without trying one… or three. When we’re looking for creative drink recipes, we like to turn to those silly little leprechauns on Pinterest who somehow always find the best concoctions. Once again, they did not disappoint – here are some of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day cocktails to help you celebrate this weekend.


Pot of Gold


Green drinks are acceptable on St. Patrick’s Day, but we really like that this drink goes a different direction with the pot of gold idea. It’s a pretty classy drink, so we recommend making this as your inaugural celebratory beverage to kick off the holiday. You know, when your fine motor skills and decision-making capabilities are still in tact.


You’re going to need:


  • 2 tbsp fresh pear juice (follow the link above for instructions on how to make the juice)
  • 2 tbp Irish whiskey
  • Sparkling wine or Champagne
  • Lemon twist for garnish


Magically Delicious Martini

LuckyCharmsMartiniThis drink is absolutely ridiculous…and we love it. It’s a delicious green martini with a magical twist. This martini is really easy to make, so just have fun mixing this drink and enjoy! Hint: the more marshmallows, the better.


Pour all of these ingredients into a shaker filled with ice, shake, and then pour into a chilled martini glass:


  • 2 oz Vodka
  • 3 oz Light Cream
  • 1 oz Creme de Menthe
  • 1 oz White Creme de Cacao



Irish Maiden

IrishMaidenThis is a whiskey drink with a feminine touch, but we think anyone would love it. The Irish Maiden is sweet, fresh and brings out the best in our old pal, Irish whiskey. The recipe we have makes 2 drinks, so you can either make one for a friend, or just make an extra large one for yourself.


Fill a cocktail shake 3/4 of the way with ice, then pour in:


  • 3 shots Irish whiskey
  • 1 shot Honey simple syrup (click the link above for how to make this. It is super easy.)
  • 1 shot grapefruit juice, freshly squeezed


Shake well and pour into your glass or glasses. Then top it off with a splash of ginger ale.


If you are on Pinterest and aren’t following our boards yet, you better get on that. We take our pinning responsibilities very seriously and know you’ll love some of the gems we find.