So, as far as booze-related blog posts go, this one pretty much writes itself. Perhaps it’s a little early, but no one ever said that drinkers weren’t planners.

Me? I’m ready to go. I know where I’ll be drinking and all the things I can’t wait to drink. Primarily beer. Primarily Guinness. Guinness is awesome. What other beer basically has it’s own holiday? None. So big props to you Guinness, for owning this wonderful day.

Now the next question, should you take the day off work? My response…a resounding “yes.” Automatic sick-day. That’s why you have them folks, and that’s what they should be used for.

Here are just some of the reasons to call out on St. Patty’s Day:

1)    Lucky Charms (the unofficial breakfast of St. Patty’s day.)

2)    Everything is green. Everything.

3)    Bagpipes.

4)    Socially-condoned A.M. drinking.

5)    Irish cheer. (read this one however you want.)

So really, let this blog serve as a battle-cry. A call to arms. A starting gun.

Get ready Drinkers of America…our holiday is coming.