1625710_619085838161589_1683452788_nIt just so happens, that around mid-April each year, we start to get this feeling from deep within our souls. It’s a warmth–a bright yearning for social interaction and exposure to sunlight as we begin our ascent out of hibernation. It’s springtime.

So, thus begins our spring installment of City Sips. Over the next 10 weeks, we’ll be touring the good ole U S of A via beer gardens, outdoor bars, and rooftop bars. Essentially, we’ll be giving you a killer guide to outdoor R&R with a glass of sangria in hand. So, commence that drumroll, cause next up is……..


Taking a trip down, up, or over to the capitol of our great land? Seeing our nation’s history is definitely an important part of your trip, but soon you’ll find yourself walking from nondescript monument to nondescript monument with beads of sweat dripping down your back and blisters forming on your feet. After a long day of listening to prerecorded audio guides and staring at gravestones, you know it’ll be time to relax. And one great place to do that is Brixton.

Located just outside the hustle and bustle of downtown, this gem boasts a full restaurant on its first floor, with traditional decor and an inviting atmosphere. However, the main attraction is upstairs on their roof deck. You won’t find any pretentious social climbers here, just a young crowd looking to toss back a few drinks for happy hour and watch the sun set. From beer cocktails to bourbon to local craft brews, the drink menu is as expansive as their space, as the roof deck is large enough to have a full bar at each end.

So if you have a moment to spare after meeting with Frank Underwood, take yourself over to the Brixton and tell us about the great time you’ll have there.