static1.squarespace-1It just so happens, that around mid-April each year, we start to get this feeling from deep within our souls. It’s a warmth–a bright yearning for social interaction and exposure to sunlight as we begin our ascent out of hibernation. It’s springtime.

So, thus begins our spring installment of City Sips. Over the next 11 weeks, we’ll be touring the good ole U S of A via beer gardens, outdoor bars, and rooftop bars. Essentially, we’ll be giving you a killer guide to outdoor R&R with a glass of sangria in hand. So, commence that drumroll, cause next up is……..


From beer gardens in Brooklyn to margaritas in Murray Hill…there’s no doubt that New York has got it all when it comes to the drinking scene. Although, with an incredible view of the Empire State Building and a unique list of hand-crafted cocktails, this spring we’re turning our heads to the Refinery Rooftop in the Garment District. Located on top of The Refinery – a hat factory turned luxury hotel – the Refinery Rooftop is open all year round. So, regardless of what the weather brings this spring the Refinery Rooftop can be your go-to spot.

With a signature cocktail menu that’s curated seasonally, you’re guaranteed to have nothing but the best when you spend an afternoon at the Refinery. Even better, once you’re two or three drinks in they have killer appetizers and flatbreads that’ll definitely satisfy any craving, sweet or savory. Sounds like a sweet deal to us.

So, next time you find yourself in Midtown Manhattan, make a pitstop at the Refinery Rooftop, you won’t be disappointed. Welcome to New York.