PresMag_415_Nashville_135_JoeBuglewiczIt just so happens, that around mid-April each year, we start to get this feeling from deep within our souls. It’s a warmth–a bright yearning for social interaction and exposure to sunlight as we begin our ascent out of hibernation. It’s springtime.

So, thus begins our spring installment of City Sips. Over the next 9 weeks, we’ll be touring the good ole U S of A via beer gardens, outdoor bars, and rooftop bars. Essentially, we’ll be giving you a killer guide to outdoor R&R with a glass of sangria in hand. So, commence that drumroll, cause next up is……..


Heading down south for your country music and hot chicken fix? Whether you’re hitting up the Gulch, checking out the full-scale replica of the Parthenon, boutique shopping in Hillsboro Village, or doing a honky tonk crawl, Acme Feed & Seed has got to be on your list.

Located on Lower Broadway Street, Acme’s four floors of cocktail, culinary, and entertainment spaces are guaranteed to satisfy whatever experience you’re craving. From “funkytonk” on the first floor, to an open-air rooftop bar, Acme creates an atmosphere that really honors the Nashville’s unique character.

In addition, Acme’s multi-level atmosphere also offers a variety of food and drink, with Beer Belly Tacos on the first floor, a sushi bar on the second, and any drink you can imagine on the fourth – including one of their most popular, “Mule Kicker.” So, if you want a Nashville experience that isn’t just a trip to the Grand Ole Opry and especially if you have a large group that needs to be satisfied, Acme is the place to go.