It just so happens, that around mid-April each year, we start to get this feeling from deep within our souls. It’s a warmth–a bright yearning for social interaction and exposure to sunlight as we begin our ascent out of hibernation. It’s springtime.

So, thus begins our spring installment of City Sips. Over the next 9 weeks, we’ll be touring the good ole U S of A via beer gardens, outdoor bars, and rooftop bars. Essentially, we’ll be giving you a killer guide to outdoor R&R with a glass of sangria in hand. So, commence that drumroll, cause next up is……..

11008495_1645121582384632_9067000408907122446_n Atlanta

In the good ole’ southern city where their peaches are just a sweet as their outdoor patio bars. Thrillist combined a list of the top 12 patio stops to visit on your city tour, and we decided that these were the top five sure to give you the best springtime southern experience. 

The Southern Gentleman

One of Buckhead’s greatest new cocktail bars has a great transforming power: with warm weather, the giant windows looking out onto Buckhead’s  streets open up to let the breezes blow on to your pimento cheese fondue, duck confit, and custom gin cocktail.

Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall

Old Fourth Ward
Full of porky goodness, this gourmet campfire cookout has a patio accessible by car, bike, or just random walk-up. Grab one of its bourbon, peach, and celery Lady Gamblers and a seat on its hand-lathed wooden rail.

Little 5 Corner Tavern

Little Five Points
This local landmark has (literally) risen from the ashes in a most spectacular fashion. All signs of the fire of nearly two years ago have finally been erased, and inside the Jameson chandelier and tremendous open-air indoor patio are welcome sights, however the new rooftop patio is truly the new crown jewel of our most eclectic neighborhood.

Vine and Tap

It’s not a proper wine bar without a solid outdoor seating option. Swilling reds and whites definitely go with its lunch and dinner menu, but a nice dry Chard makes a proud partner to its brunch salmon bagel as well.

Buckhead Tavern

The bourbon-bacon jam and cheddar Modern Burger is the perfect symbol of this famous bar district, a modern, but still completely comfortable watering hole, where you can toss back a Buckhead Sunset, made with Ron White’s own Number Juan tequila as true homage to one of our local legendary drinkers.