Looking forward to a week of ocean-side binge drinking? Go in with a plan so you don’t spend the whole trip hungover from a rough first night.

Hydrate: Before, during, after. Water is your friend. Forgetting that will lead to crippling headaches and shaky hands on the dance floor (jazz hands are SO 2000 and late).

Pace: You’ve got a long week ahead of you. Don’t blow it on the first night by giving yourself a 2-day hangover. Drink slowly and smartly.

Lower ABV: Try to stay away from shots or drinks with high alcohol content. You’re going to have a drink in your hand all day, and you don’t want to tap out before dinner.

Eat: Speaking of dinner… don’t skip meals. Now is not the time to worry about portion sizes. You need something to absorb all of that liquid. Go ahead and stuff your face, everyone else will be right there with ya.

Sleep: Rest is your friend. You probably won’t get a ton of snoozing in during your trip, so load up now. If you start the trip tired, you’ll have those bags under your eyes all week long.

Shade: Sunshine and tans are what spring break is all about, but don’t overdo it. If you’re planning to be in the sun for an extended period of time be sure your alcohol intake is on the lower side. A visit to the ER is not on your itinerary.

Don’t Be An Idiot: If you’ve had too much, stop drinking. Don’t make yourself sick. And if you’re going to be sick, don’t puke on a person. Sounds simple enough, but you’d be surprised…

But most of all.. Have a good time. You owe it to all of the suckers stuck up north surrounded by snow and seasonal depression.