You may know Steven Grasse as the man behind Hendrick’s Gin, Sailor Jerry Rum, and the historically minded Art in the Age Spirits Root, Snap, and Rhuby. His latest creation is Spodee, a concoction we tuned into recently at


“Spodee is an unexpected blend of fortified wine and high-proof white whiskey (commonly called moonshine). As with Root, Snap, and Rhuby, Spodee looks to the past and is based on the Depression-era practice of combining country wine with strong homemade liquor plus whatever else happens to be on hand, such as fruit and spices.”


Combining wine and liquor might gross you out, but it warms our cockles just thinking about it.
Love the cute old-fashioned-looking milk bottle packaging (perfect for picnics, points out Love the beautiful deep purple hue and just a little fizz.


“Flavor wise it’s reminiscent of port, but herbier and spicier, and with a hint of caramel.” Spodee can be enjoyed au natural, but the creators also recommend adding Coke for a Spodee and Sody — kind of like a Rum and Coke but more “nuanced and satisfying.”


For more on Spodee, check out Bottles are on shelves in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and can be ordered online for just $9.


Will you Spodee? If so, are you a wine or a whiskey drinker?? We’re a little bored with wine lately, so we’re ordering a bottle today.