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What happens when you introduce two dudes obsessed with whiskey to the world’s leading distillation technology? Apparently you get Rattleback Rye, the world’s very first flash-aged whiskey.

It all started when real estate broker Théron Regnier and venture capitalist Wynn Sanders came together in Los Angeles through their shared passion for the dark liquor. Both gentlemen are considerably familiar with the whiskey market and noticed that a gap that needs be filled: “What was missing was a truly mature rye [whiskey] affordable enough for mixology but enjoyable enough to drink neat or on the rocks,” Regnier stated in an interview with LA Weekly.

Hoping to capitalize on Millennials newfound love for the spirit, the two set out to develop a rye that has the complex flavor, body, and texture of an aged whiskey, without the expensive price tag. In their search for a solution, the two came across Lost Spirits, a small distillery based in Monterey. The partners where very impressed by the boutique distillery’s custom machine, the THEA | One Reactor. With a little help from this chemical reactor Lost Spirits had already created a batch of rum that tastes like it’s been aged for decades, in just six days.

After Regnier and Sanders convinced Lost Spirits and their technology to hop on board they enlisted the help of Bend Spirits in Oregon to assist with research and development. The finished product, Rattleback Rye, is expected to launch in Los Angeles within the next few months, however the whiskey aging duo wants you to know that even though the molecular structure of this whiskey is identical to a traditionally produced rye, the flavor profiles will be different. This flash-aged whiskey may not be up to the rye snob’s standards, but according to the dynamic duo, it will be perfect for those who are just starting to experiment with the unique flavors of aged whiskey, and looking to get the most bang for their buck.