Even if you’re not much of a wine drinker, you probably still have your preference when it comes down to red, white or rose. But what does that actually say about you as a person? Probably not that much, but we love a good study, so we couldn’t help but be a bit intrigued by a recent one conducted by French Wine with Style. The study was done only in the U.K. and looked at 2,000 people, their personalities, social habits and wine preferences.

Red Wine Drinkers

• More likely to have a college degree
• More likely to be married
• Drink more frequently than people who like white wine or rose
• Most relaxed wine fans
• Make about $64,500 to $72,500 a year
• 81% are happy at work, but 65% still want to work their way higher up the corporate ladder
• They see themselves as confident, relaxed, strong, and intelligent

White Wine Drinkers

• Content with their current occupation and position on the career ladder
• Love the status quo
• Make about $40,000-$48,000 a year
• 43% have attended college
• 85% say they are happily single and not looking for a relationship
• They see themselves as practical, bright, shy, quiet, and reserved

Rose Drinkers

• Love a change
• 55% leave school by age 18 and earn about $48,000 a year
• More likely to be in a happily settled, but unmarried relationship
• They see themselves as loud, warm, and charming
• They love Facebook more than other wine drinkers and average 146 friends and 13 visits to the site each week