Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, someone decides to send their whisky to outer space. Ardbeg single malt whisky comes from a small Scottish island called Islay. You’d think that would be enough to convince you to take a sip, but they’ve gone the extra mile – or should we say light year?

Back in 2011, they decided to launch their whisky into orbit aboard the International Space Station. It circled the planet 15 times a day until landing back in Central Asia this past September. This maturation experiment was meant to discover how the gravity on Earth compared to the lack of gravity in space when aging a fine whisky.

Lucky for us, the whisky is now touring the globe in a way that allows us to see it while keeping our feet on the ground. It’s currently in Dallas, Texas, but there are sure to be plenty more stops along the way.

They expect to release a very detailed study of their findings in the near future. If you’re only here for the science, they’ll have you covered.