You know that satisfying feeling when you hit the Keurig button and the work is done. Coffee at ~literally~ a touch of a button. Well, time to change the context. With arguably an even greater sense of gratification, your touch of a button craft cocktail is here!

The first personal robotic bartender instantly creates any drink via its Wi-Fi smartphone app. All you have to do is fill up the unit’s six glass “soma-pods” with the various juice and spirits and the 150 milliliter bitters receptacle and you’re in action! You won’t even have to clean up– the device politely rinses itself between each cocktail made.

It’s a give in that you’ll want to be the first of your party mates with this guy at your home. With it, you’ll have the power to make over 300 cocktails. You can preorder your device for $429, but you’ll have to be patient– the company has yet to release its shipping date!