You don’t want to like the beer holster, but, admit it: how handy would it be to have a whole six pack at your fingertips? Or the bottle top ashtray that turns an empty into a butt collector.

Some ideas just solve a problem that you didn’t know you had… like how to balance a plate of food at a party. You have a drink in one hand, a plate in the other and nowhere to sit. How will that pig-in-a-blanket get into your mouth? The answer lies in the Go Plate — the plastic plate that sits on top of beer bottles, beer cans, even Solo cups.

They are recyclable and reusable (though reviewers say they are kind of flimsy for reusing). They come in a bunch of colors. They sell (on Amazon) for about $18 per 10-pack. And they’re a great way to see who is cut off: if you’re sipping your beer while knocking food to the floor, your next drink is a nice glass of water.

We’re thinking this would be a great item to keep stocked for DIA tailgate parties, what do you think?