Unless you live in one of those paradise places where drinking on the beach is permitted, you find yourself sneaking beverages like us. Though we never condone illegal drinking sometimes you just need a cocktail when you’re soaking up the sun. And that’s exactly what you should be doing on this long weekend.

Here are a few on the sneaky ways we like to bring our booze beachside without people knowing.

  • Ice cubes: Beer cocktails are on our list of favorite things to drink during the summer. To make a simple shandy, add a few beer ice cubes to your glass of lemonade. Nobody will ever know.
  • Coffee: Nobody’s going to question that large iced regular you have sitting next to you. And they’ll never know if you throw in a few shots of Baileys or Jameson to make things interesting.
  • Poptails: They’re every summer drinker’s best friend. These fruity concoctions taste great, have plenty of booze and pass as an innocent way to cool off from the sun.  
  • Beer can: Did you know that a beer can fits perfectly in a fountain soda cup and you can still use the straw? You’re welcome.

When in doubt, reach for a koozie and hope no one notices.