The Bloody Mary has long been known for its exotic and delicious garnishes. A just reward for those brave enough to indulge in a spicy tomato beverage so early in the day. But why should Bloody Mary drinkers get all the snacks?

We live in an age where a slice of lime or a muddled cherry fail to satisfy our appetites, but ordering a round of nachos makes us look gluttonous. So what are we to do? Garnish like no one has ever garnished before.

Thanks to brilliant minds across the globe, drinks with snacks are becoming more an more common. Whether it’s an obvious choice like bacon or a little further outside the box we can finally enjoy our cocktails as God intended – with a whole lotta food on top.

Are we worried about over-powering the natural cocktail flavors? Absolutely not. A good snack garnish only adds to the experience. As long as the glass can handle the weight, there are no limits. And we are all the better for it.