honey vodka

Last year alone over 171 new vodka flavors were released to the market, so you can imagine how hard it is to stand out in the crowd. Sloop Betty has managed to catch our attention among the vodka masses and their new flavor release is adding a unique spin to their collection.


Clad with pinup girls, Sloop Betty bottles already stand out on the shelves. Made from organic wheat, the vodka is 20% sugar cane (main ingredient in rum), which gives it a smooth taste. Sloop Betty is a household name in D.C. and comes from Blackwater Distilling, the only distillery to open in Maryland in the last 40 years. Poor Maryland, their distilleries are still recovering from Prohibition. Many details of Sloop Betty, including the name and the even the bottle caps are a tribute to Maryland.


After hearing that bars and mixologists were experimenting with their vodka in their cocktails, Sloop Betty decided to add a flavor to their repertoire. Bars like The Hamilton in D.C. are serving up Sloop Betty and infusing the vodka with their own flavors. This innovation from mixologists inspired Sloop Betty to release their new honey flavor. The new release will use local honey, sticking with the Sloop Betty philosophy that local ingredients equals a better product.


In world of raspberry, cake and candy flavors, honey is a relatively unexplored vodka flavor. We all know honey has been dominating the whiskey world lately and now it’s vodka’s turn to sweeten things up. Two brands that have gone the honey route are Stoli, who calls their sweet vodka “Sticki”, and Smirnoff, who has a “Wild Honey” flavor.


The new release is set to be available in mid December. Have you ever had a honey vodka? Will you pick up a bottle of Sloop Betty Honey?