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Dragging your but out of bed to hit the gym as the sun rises has not been easy these past few months. And saying no to a slice of birthday cake was truly not a piece of cake either. We can only hope all your hard work has paid off!

Summer is within our grasp now, and so is that itty-bitty-polka-dot bikini you’ve been working towards. Beach cocktails are the first thing that come to mind when we think Summertime , and this season you won’t have to throw away your diet to have some fun in the sun. Sit back with your marg and don’t shy away from asking the beach babe to your left for a hand in rubbing your back down with some good ol’ SPF. Be sure to check out these beach body approved recipes for the perfect, low calorie drink to share poolside, beachside, or just outside:

Skinny Marg Calorie Count: 180
Juice of 1 ½ limes
3 oz water
2 oz tequila
1.5 oz triple sec

Directions: Mix lime juice and water together. Add tequila and triple sec, then either pour over ice or put in blender with ice. Add salt to taste.

Lean Cosmopolitan Calorie Count: 98
3 oz low calorie cranberry juice drink
1 oz raspberry vodka
Squeeze of lime
Lime twist, as garnish

Directions: Pour ingredients over ice and shake. Strain ice cubes and pour into martini glass.

Arnold Palmer on a Diet Calorie Count: 71
Juice of 1 lemon and 3 oz water
2 teabags of black tea steeped in 3 oz boiling water and cooled
2 oz vodka
Sprig of mint

Directions: Mix first two ingredients. Add vodka and pour over ice. Stir. Garnish with mint.

Recipes were found via beachbody.com