george-clooney-amy-poehlerDuring the Oscars last Sunday, those who strutted their stuff down the red carpet were approached by Buzzfeed news reporters and asked one pressing question: which Oscar nominee would you want to booze with?

While Michael Keaton and Eddie Redmayne opted for a drink with the hilarious Steve Carell, others pined to share a cocktail with personalities such as Bradley Cooper, Julianne Moore, Clint Eastwood and J.K. Simmons. Margot Robbie, however, slayed the survey with her celeb of choice: “I’d love to see Meryl (Streep), like, slutdropping on the dance floor.” And who wouldn’t? Meryl’s a gem.

In honor of this poll, we had some of our contributors answer a similar “significant” question—which celebrity would you want to get drunk with and why? Here are the results:

Jeff Bridges. No doubt. We could drink White Russians, smoke some J’s, and talk about life and space and shit.

I’d like to booze with Chelsea Handler because she’s a boss and we could make super questionable decisions together. She would have great stories and she would probably introduce me to her famous friends, which would be glorious.

Larry David…If only to hear his thoughts on the drinks’ garnishes.

I’d pick Cameron Diaz – I just unashamedly love her 🙂

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt: I have FOMO every time I see them together because they are the two coolest people/parents on earth. Also relationship goals. And they are the best at pulling pranks on Jimmy Kimmel and I want to get in on that.

John Mayer, cause he’s a smoke.

Harry Styles…for seduction purposes only.

George Clooney so I can try out some of his tequila.

Bojack Horseman because I’ve always wanted to drink from a trough.

Bruce Jenner because I want/need to know his/her deal.

Which celebrity (or fictional character) would you want to grab a drink with? Remember to choose wisely—this hypothetical situation could be a once in a lifetime opportunity.