Calling all cocktail connoisseurs! How can you elevate a drink without changing what’s in it? Presentation, of course! 


Cocktail garnishes are the name of the game, the tiniest details can transform your drink into a masterpiece.



What Citruses Are Best for Garnish?

Citruses – lemons, limes and oranges – are a triple threat of tangy goodness, and some of the most common choices for garnish. Whether it’s a twist, a wheel, a slice, or a wedge, a bit of citrus can make even the lamest cocktail fun. For ultra-sophisticated presentation, you can use a Channel Knife or Pinking Shears to shape the peel into elegant designs.

What Are Some Other Garnish Options?

Want to make it look like you put in a bit more effort? Try dehydrated fruit for your garnish! We’ve seen dehydrated fruit at some of the fanciest cocktail lounges in the country, bringing a new level of sophistication and visual appeal. Sure, they demand a bit of effort, but you’ll be sure to impress anyone who asks about your bar cart. Here’s how to make some:


First, slice your desired fruit of choice very thin. Second, brush them with some lemon juice. Maybe even some sugar too if your sweet tooth is acting up. Then, pop them into either a dehydrator for 6 hours at 160º F or (if you’re a normal human being who doesn’t own a dehydrator) an oven at 160º F for about 5 hours. Once the fruits are dried, keep them sealed in a dry place until you use them to garnish your favorite drinks!


Cocktail cherries are another garshish option that’s stood the test of time. Cherries add a burst of sweetness to your drink, not to mention some color to your glass. But if you’re looking to be more reactive, try cocktail skewers! Pick whatever you want to go on there that compliments your drink – olives, pineapple chunks, cucumber slices, bacon. Anything and everything is fair game.



Not feeling the fruit garnish? Add some fresh herbs for a touch of greenery and a more complex flavor to your favorite cocktail. Any experienced bar hand will tell you that you can’t go wrong with favorites like mint, lavender, basil, or rosemary. 


Taking your drink from ordinary to extraordinary is as simple as a cherry on top. Literally. Next time you’re hosting, or just looking to make yourself a tasty drink, keep these garnish options in mind. Cheers!


What’s your favorite garnish + cocktail combo? Discuss amongst yourselves in the comments section below!