Summer time certainly calls for some cocktail sipping, but one sugary margarita after another will quickly turn your brisk day at the beach into one of bloating and dehydration. So what’s the fix? Obviously we aren’t going to give up on the drinks, but there’s one ingredient that is to blame—sugar.

Sure it tastes delicious, but we all know sugar has a hidden agenda. By utilizing healthier and more natural sweetener options in your cocktails, the less you’ll regret when you’ve had one mojito too many. So skip the artificial, high-in-calorie simple syrup and settle for something that’ll have you approaching the bar saying, “the more, the merrier.”


Containing little to no calories, this natural sweetener is the ideal sugar substitute. Available in powder form (like Splenda packets), Stevia is the perfect way to serve yourself a skinny cocktail.

Freshly squeezed fruit juice

If you’re pining for something zesty, merely using fruit juice as your sweetener will make for an enjoyable refreshment. Whether you’re adding fresh strawberry juice to your Daiquiri or tomato juice to your Bloody Mary, your cocktail choices are virtually endless with this sweet selection.


Already 25% sweeter than regular sugar, this syrup originates from the Mexican Agave cactus plant. If your drink involves citrus and/or tequila, Agave is the sweetener for you. Compliment any concoction with this honey-like substance for a subtle yet fragrant taste.


From tea to tequila, honey is a classic. Still, being such a heavy sweetener with a specific flavor, honey mostly goes well in darker alcohols. Stir some honey in your next drink and experience the true essence of any whiskey or bourbon.

Maple Syrup

It may be best on breakfast food, but maple syrup can also serve other purposes. A flattering flavor to anything involving lemon and/or brown liquor (similar to honey), maple syrup is one sugary sensation that doesn’t just belong on your pancakes. Being 1.5 times as sweet as simple syrup, a lot of maple syrup goes a long way.

Have another unique way to sweeten your drink? Share it with us.