In case you weren’t aware, this coming Saturday is International Women’s Day. Observed since the early 1900s, International Women’s Day is all about celebrating female achievements and inspiring us all to do even more. Now that’s a holiday we can definitely get behind.


Women around the world will be marking this day in different ways, but one really cool event we heard about it right up our alley. The brewsters of Project Venus in the UK have organized a worldwide collaborative brew; as of now, there are approximately 60 breweries around the world participating.


The point of all this is to raise awareness of women in the brewing industry. The Pink Boots Society says “We are dedicated brewers, making top quality beer and we want to make a difference in how beer is promoted and perceived around the world.”


So, how does this work? Female brewers around the world will all make the same beer recipe, and then donate some or all of the proceeds of the beer to a charity that supports women or girls. The beer recipe is formulated in such a way that every woman who wants to participate is encouraged to put their own creative personality into their variation. Named “United Pale Ale,” the basic recipe is as follows:


4% pale session beer with a universally available hop

EBC: 10

IBU: 25

ABV: 4%

Late hop: Cascade (US/UK/NZ/German)


The group notes that if everyone follows the recipe, the beer will still be unique to each brewery. If someone has problems getting the go ahead from their employer (if they don’t own the brewery) due to the nature of the recipe, then the additions of fruits/spices can be made at an individual’s discretion.


Proceeds from the beer’s earnings will go to the Pink Boots Society and another charity of the brewers’ choice. The Pink Boots Society is a USA-based non-profit with international membership. They help women further their beer careers through scholarships and educational programs.