Today is World Pistachio Day and we just knew we had to do something to mark the event because they’re delicious and the ultimate snack food. Pistachios are heart-healthy, have antioxidants, prove to be an excellent source of dietary fiber and they make a pretty mean cocktail as well. If you’re a pistachio lover, here are some ways you can enjoy pistachios and alcohol all at the same time.


Spiked Pistachio Shake

This spiked pistachio shake is a total dessert cocktail, so make sure your sweet tooth is ready. Also, it requires a homemade pistachio-infused bourbon that’s easy to make and can go in so many different cocktails [find the recipe here].

  • Combine 3 oz. whole milk, 1 oz. pistachio-infused bourbon, and 1/2 tsp. JELL-O Pistachio Instant Pudding mix in the blender and blend until combined, about 5 seconds.
  • Add 6 oz. French vanilla ice cream to the mix in the blender and blend until smooth, about 10 seconds.
  • Pour into a chilled martini glass and garnish with whipped cream and crushed almonds.


Pistachio Mudslide

Okay, so, this pistachio mudslide cocktail is an amazingly sweet cocktail as well. What can we say? We love dessert. Deal with it.

  • In a blender, add 1/2 cup softened pistachio gelato or ice cream, 1/2 oz. Bailey’s Irish Cream, 1/2 oz. Kahlua, 1/4 cup. So Delicious Coconut Creamer. Blend until smooth.
  • In a glass, swirl chocolate sauce around to make some sort of pretty design.
  • Pour in the pistachio mixture from the blender.
  • Top with ground pistachios.


Fig Pistachio Martini

Sometimes we like to give you recipes that might take you out of your comfort zone a little bit, and today, this fig pistachio martini is it. FYI: This recipe makes 6 drinks, so either adjust the recipe to suit your needs, grab six friends, or just get an extra large glass for yourself and call it a night.

  • Heat 2 cups of sugar and 2 cups of water in a small pan until the sugar dissolves.
  • Add 12 dried figs and simmer gently for 15 to 20 minutes to make fig syrup. Take out the figs and chill.
  • Pour 1/2 cup crushed pistachios in a saucer. Wet the rims of the glasses with water, the turn them into the pistachios to rim the glass.
  • Pour the fig syrup and 1 cup vodka into a pitcher and add 1 cup of ice. Stir and serve in the martini glasses.

If you need us, we’ll be sipping on pistachio cocktails all day long.