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Some of us see our best friends quite frequently, while others may feel like life gets in the way sometimes and makes us maintain our friendships via text and Facebook. Regardless of how your friendships are going right now, one thing is for certain: they are important. That is why today, on National Friendship Day, we are encouraging you to call one or more of your best girl friends and invite them over to watch a movie and have a drink with you. Not sure what to watch? Here are some of our favorite gal pal movies and corresponding drinks you may want to serve while watching them.

Movie: Mean Girls
Cocktail: Cherry Beer Margarita

This movie is still hilariously funny even though it was released 10 years ago. Laugh with your friends about how gross Lindsay Lohan has gotten since Mean Girls and whip up this “hump day treat” that Regina’s “cool mom” would have made for the girls. She didn’t put alcohol in their drinks, but we definitely put it in ours since if we’re going to drink, she’d much rather we do it in the house.

Movie: Bring It On
Cocktail: Electric Screwdriver

Some girls like to pretend like they are not totally into cheerleading movies, but they are really just lying to themselves. Bring It On is the best cheerleading movie ever created and you know your guy isn’t going to watch it with you, so save it for hanging out with your girl friends. Enjoy an Electric Screwdriver cocktail because it includes a little bit of energy drink to keep you as perky and energetic as the cheerleaders on the screen.

Movie: Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Cocktail: Wine Coolers

This epic 80s tale follows Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt as they try to nab a spot on Dance TV. The hair is big, the outfits are bad…and you’ll love it. Bonus: Try to spot a young Shannen Doherty before her 90210 days. Wine coolers were really popular in the 1980s, so grab your favorite at the liquor store and say “Cheers!” to hair spray and leggings.