DietAlcoholMay is just around the corner – tomorrow, to be exact. Of course, that prompted us to dig around online and find out what types of things are celebrated in May, aside from Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and “I can finally wear white pants without being considered a fashion victim” day (OK, we made that one up). Turns out that May is also International Mediterranean Diet Month.

We love a good diet as much as the next person, but who wants to start a diet in May when there are so many alcoholic beverages that need to be consumed in the summer? Doesn’t it feel like these diets always completely ban you from drinking? Annoying.

We looked up the Mediterranean Diet anyway, just to see what was up with it, and we learned something truly magical and awesome: you can drink. The diet typically includes a moderate amount of wine – preferably red wine – which equals out to no more than 5 oz. daily. Of course, some of you may be grumbling because 5 oz. of wine isn’t that much, but you should be thankful that they want you to drink at all. Oh, and no, you can’t “save up” your 5 oz. from each day of the week and then drink 35 oz. of wine on a Saturday night…doesn’t work like that.

The Mediterranean Diet’s flexibility made us wonder if another recent fad diet – The Paleo Diet – also allows alcohol. We were ready for a big fat “no,” but Paleo actually gives you even moreoptions for drinking than the Mediterranean Diet does. They tell you not to go for any grain-based drinks (like beer, bourbon, gin, grain-based vodka, and whiskey), but certain other alcohols are totally allowed, including: potato vodka, red wine, rum, sparkling wine, tequila, and white wine.

Of course, Paleo also encourages strict moderation so don’t go nuts with all the options. Avoid mixing with fruit juices and tonic water which are both high in sugar, but do try soda water, ice, and a squeeze of lemon or lime juice to manage your body’s insulin response to the sugar found in alcohol.

Another huge reason moderation is key to success when drinking while on these diets? It only takes a few drinks until we suddenly find ourselves in the Taco Bell drive-thru, and we’re sure your willpower takes a similar nosedive when you start to relax a little. Practice moderation and you’ll be golden.