BoozeForBabesIf you regularly read Drinking in America, there’s a good chance you’re well-versed in the finer side of the drinking world already. However, if you aren’t, or you have a poor, unfortunate friend who can’t stop ordering Sex on the Beach cocktails, there’s a new book out that may just save the day for women. It’s called Booze for Babes and it’s by freelance writer, Kayleigh Kulp.


Kulp wasn’t always an alcohol expert; she used to be that girl who would order orange juice and whipped cream vodka at the bar. However, after quitting her job and taking a trip to Kentucky, Kulp learned that there is so much more to liquor than she ever thought possible.


In an interview with the Washington City Paper, Kulp said, “I came back and wondered why this was such a big deal for me but not for the men in my life. I began delving into the on-again, off-again relationship women have had with the “hard stuff” throughout history, and examining marketing by liquor companies that had genderized our drinks over the years. I also came across these amazing women working the spirits industry who told me what it was like to work in the male-dominated world of liquor.”


She shares her insight and advice in Booze for Babes, a book that she hopes will “blow the lid off the women-don’t-know-jack-about-liquor stereotype.” According to the Booze for Babes website, the book has awesome information like:


  • Why every lady should know her liquor


  • How to tell a marketing ploy from the real deal


  • How to build a well-equipped home bar


  • How to train your palate and hone your taste


Kulp acknowledges that while this book is geared toward women, it is still a great read for men as well. It’s a “must-have manual” for anyone who loves good food, enjoys the finer things in life, and wants to know, but is not yet savvy, about spirits. You can buy the book on Amazon, or through the Booze for Babes website.