PoptailsIt’s coming… (cue: the Jaws theme song)


Wedding season.


Whether you’re getting married, or just have a wedding or two (or ten) to attend, we thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the wedding cocktail trends for this year. Sometimes (always), no matter how much you love the couple getting hitched, the best part about going to a wedding is the open bar.



Summer weddings are beautiful, but sometimes it’s too damn hot out to enjoy. The answer to beat the heat? Poptails. Bridal Guide says to take your favorite summer drinks, freeze them in popsicle molds and then put them in cute glasses and trays so everything stays mess-free as they melt.


Hire a Mixologist

“Cocktail architect” Yusef Austin knows that hiring another vendor may be a little costly for some people, but he feels the extra cash is worth it. Instead of just accepting the bartender that comes with your catering package, look to hire an actual skilled mixologist that will add some flair and personalization to the occasion.


Quality Cocktails

The Vancouver Sun notes that couples are moving away from the typical “signature cocktail” and creating more of a quality drinking experience. This may come in the form of a gin bar with different bitters and vermouths, topping drinks with homemade sodas that have been infused, or ices that have been flavored so drinks aren’t watered down as they melt.


Barrel-Aged Cocktails

We’ve seen this a few different places already and think it’s so fun. Barrel-aged cocktails are already big in the drinking world, so it’s no surprise they are infiltrating weddings as well. Couples are getting cute, sometimes customized barrels that the cocktails can be poured directly from.


Getting married this summer? More likely, do you have one too many weddings to go to? Tell us what you’ll be drinking.