For those of you who are avid beer drinkers, we’re pretty positive you’ve never experienced anything like Borg Brewery’s sheep dung-smoked IPA before. We can tell you’re asking yourself, “is this even a real thing?” Believe it or not, it is, and it’s called Fenrir. After years of experimentation, Icelandic brew master, Sturlaugur Jón Björnsson, has finally made his dream come alive.

According to Björnsson, the Fenrir brew is definitely odd but also uniquely delicious. The sharp citrusy notes of hops counteracted with the heavy, smoky flavor of sheep dung makes for both an interesting and enjoyable IPA.

We’re guessing you’re probably thinking “gross,” but let us reassure you—the sh*t doesn’t go directly in the bottle. A careful process begins with placing the malt in a smoke oven. Next, Björnsson sets the sheep excrement on fire underneath and let’s it sit for a few days. Then BOOM—a sheep dung-smoked base malt has been created.

After an importer gave Fenrir rave reviews, the US decided to put in an order. So as soon as the US Food & Drug Administration approves the beer, Fenrir will arrive and be available for you to try.

Tell us how you’re feeling about Fenrir—will you take a taste?