yard bar

Dog lovers rejoice. You can finally take a drink to the dog park. Kristen Heaney of Austin, Texas has decided to give up her career as an architect to make walking your dog the new happy hour. Kristen and her dog loving friends would, “hang out at the park with our beers cleverly disguised in coffee cups, and we started wondering, why can’t we have a beer at the dog park?” That’s how her idea for the Yard Bar was born. This summer the cross between a dog park, restaurant and pup friendly bar will be welcoming pooches from all over Austin, Texas.


Not only will the park include tons of open space for your dog to stretch his legs and sniff some butts, Yard Bar will include a friendly staff in charge of fetching droppings and breaking up any rough housing. The park plans to have shaded seating, space heaters and fans plus the most basic of human necessities: free Wi-Fi.


The real reason we would take our furry friends to Yard Bar is of course the booze. An outdoor bar will feature craft beers, wine, as well as a creative compilation of canine themed cocktails. The park also has plans for a chicken broth-based, non-alcoholic dog beer so that you and your best bud can share a cold one together.


Memberships for the park will start at $15 per month for one dog, and $5 for each additional. Some of the many perks (booze, space heaters, WiFi) still need funding before Yard Bar opens so help your fellow dog lover out.