1798690_950895268261211_2332236561734359377_nFor those of you with an impressive shot glass collection, make room on the shelf for the Snapshotr, a revolutionary new shot glass that allows you to pour your alcohol and chaser into one small drinkable vessel.

The Snapshotr works by vertically separating two liquids. First, you add your chaser into the bottom compartment and twist the device to lock. Next, you continue by transferring your liquor into the top remaining compartment. Finally, as you shoot back your alcohol, you twist the Snapshotr to unlock and release your chaser, letting you consume both your shot and chaser in one fluid movement. For a visual tutorial of the invention, click here.

Designed by two childhood friends (now attending Colgate University and University of Pennsylvania), the Snapshotr evolved from a sketch on a sticky note to an innovative product. Beginning November 4th, 2014, the contraption will become available on Kickstarter for purchase. If you’re antsy to get your hands on this revolutionary way to celebrate, don’t fret; you can preorder the Snapshotr and save yourself the anticipation.