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For those of you who thought the Four Loko was the epitome of an alcoholic sugar rush, prepare to be surprised. Phrosties, a New York City based company, had until recently been delivering alcoholic frozen drinks to anyone who can visit their Instagram page. Social media being the only way to make a purchase, people from all over the city could text the phone number available on the Phrosties profile, comment with their address and Instagram handle, and wait. In three hours or less, a colorful and sweet boozy beverage would arrive at their door.

At $10 a bottle, who wouldn’t be intrigued by flavors such as Volcanic Paradise, Tsunami Sunrise, or La Phiesta? Still, the State Liquor Authority declared the Phrostie illegal, as the company is an unlicensed and unregulated business. Their products were packaged in unmarked plastic bottles, giving customers no indication of ingredients or alcohol percentage. Not to mention the company’s extreme lack of age regulation; even a twelve year old could go online and order themselves a Phrostie.

While this is unfortunate for those urban dwellers wishing to escape a sweltering summer, it’s also completely understandable. There are other ways to enjoy a delicious alcoholic “slushie” without it being potentially dangerous to your health.

So next time you find yourself in the heat fancying a Phrostie, you’re probably better off choosing a frozen margarita instead.