This Friday, ‘Saucey’ may just win the approval of many tech-savvy grandparents, paying homage to the one and only Swoonatra. The alcohol delivery app, servicing Los Angeles and San Francisco, plans to run a promotion with two simple elements, Jack Daniels and Frank Sinatra impersonators.

To coincide with the icon’s 99th birthday, which would have been this Friday, Saucy will send out Sinatra impersonators in place of their typical messengers. Customers can partake in the promotion by using Saucey’s special Sinatra ordering code or purchasing one of their Sinatra packages, such as the “Rat Pack” which includes Sinatra Select super premium Jack Daniels and cigars.

So, to those of you who agree with Sinatra and believe Jack Daniels is the “nectar of the gods”, why not use Saucey to stock up this weekend and toast to the man who always did it his (my) way.