About a year ago, Eppa SuperFruit Sangria hit the shelves and has quickly become quite popular. Why? We’re thinking there are two main reasons – first of all, it’s ready to drink. You don’t have to go on Pinterest and look up random sangria recipes to impress your friends; just pour the Eppa SuperFruit Sangria into a pretty pitcher and pretend you made it yourself. You could also add fruit slices pretend its “homemade.” If you’re not into the whole lying thing, it doesn’t really matter – the sangria comes in a pretty bottle, so you can just fess up, put the bottle on table, and we’re sure your friends will still be equally as impressed.
Another great thing we love about Eppa is the SuperFruit part of it. It’s filled with antioxidants, which make you feel like you’re being healthy instead of a lush. It’s brilliant. It has juices from fruits like:

Pomegranate: Know to fight cancer, protect the arteries and lower your blood pressure.
Blueberry: Good for your immune system, helps the body absorb iron and boosts your memory
Mediterranean Blood Orange: Lowers risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and cancer
Acai: Good for heart health, weight control and digestive issues

Certified Organic, you should be able to find this sangria in your local liquor store. However, it’s still fairly new, so if you have trouble finding it you can always buy it through their website.