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Tomorrow is a brand new day, but if you treat tonight like there is no tomorrow, tomorrow can be quite a beast. So, if you are planning to honor National Drink Wine Day, like we are, we have a little piece of advice for you.

Ever notice that the more sugar there is in a drink the rougher the hangover the next day? Well the same goes for sulfites and hangovers. Sulfites are a preservative used in wine, and it tends to trigger allergies and worsen the hangover effect of alcohol. If you have ever waken up with a runny nose and stuffy head after a glass or two of wine the night before, you are most likely reacting to the sulfites and added chemicals in wine.

So, when you go shopping for the party in your slippers tonight, look for a wine labeled “no added sulfites,” and you should wake up with a functional head on your shoulders the following morning. You are most likely to find these miracle workers in the organic wine section, look for labels like Frey Organic Wines or the Organic Wine Company. Happy National Drink Wine Day!