As of 2015, there are over 4,000 craft beer breweries in the United States. While some brewers stick to the essentials, producing simple yet memorable booze, others take a trial-and-error route, creating unique concoctions no one’s consumed before. Like many of these experimental companies, Samuel Adams has officially joined in the race for the best case by introducing a venture that will turn their traditional brews on their heads (pun intended).

Sam Adams’ Nitro Project offers a series of three nitrogen-infused brews – Nitro Coffee Stout, Nitro IPA and Nitro White Ale. While most people associate nitro beers specifically with stouts, Sam Adams aims to widen the selection of nitrogen-infused brews through their collection:

Nitro Coffee Stout: This booze’s rich, robust appearance gives a hint to what the beer may taste like. Beginning with an even, soft cream flavor, you’ll experience notes of chocolate, dark fruit, coffee and dark roasted malts complete with a deep, smooth finish.

Nitro IPA: Nitrogen can sometimes dull the aroma of a good IPA, leaving it with a bitter, strong flavor. Sam Adams avoided this issue by utilizing large doses of dry hops that help savor this IPA’s rich notes of pine, spices and citrus. Having a bold, yet semi-bitter taste, Nitro IPA will satisfy anyone with its flavorful, lingering finish.

Nitro White Ale: Last but not least, the Nitro White Ale offering is as smooth as it is zesty. With a silky sip, complete with hints of orange, pepper and spice, this brew has a light wheat element that will have you coming back for more.

But why use nitrogen? Not only will it enhance any beer’s flavor profile—softening and mellowing out any “rough around the edge” taste that is so common with bitter brews—but also will create a smoother pour and a longer lasting carbonation. But adding nitrogen doesn’t only make for a better mouthfeel and a subtler aroma; it also paves the way for Sam Adams to travel in a different direction. Ultimately, the project will help the beer company solidify their loyal fanbase as well as make the move to adopt a new audience of drinkers.

So what do you think – will you be participating in Sam Adams’ Nitro Project?