There are very few activities we rank over boozy fun, but helping out those in need is definitely one of them. Our friends over in Oklahoma and Texas have been experiencing some harsh conditions this week with extreme weather causing rivers to flood, severely damaging several communities.

At first glance the cans shown on the right, stamped with the Anheuser-Busch logo, look like plain old ordinary beer cans, but it turns out they are actually filled with purified drinking water. The brewing company decided to take matters into their own hands, halting all beer production at their Georgia brewery this week. In place of beer the brewery began putting all their efforts towards canning water for the American Red Cross.

Beer production halted late Wednesday night and workers started towards their goal of producing 50,000 cans of water. Two thousand cases carrying 24 cans each are already on their way over to Texas and Oklahoma. According to the American Red Cross this water is critical to relief efforts in the damaged areas. This weekend we raise a glass to America’s beer company, Anheuser-Busch, for their valiant efforts and we wish folks in Texas and Oklahoma the very best during their recovery and rebuilding process.