Cruzan Distillers Collection

Every spirit has its moment and rum is having a major one right now. There are new brands, distilleries and special releases popping up everywhere. Here are a few that we found noteworthy.


Cruzan Rum has unveiled a super premium Distiller’s Collection of aged rums. The collection will include Cruzan Estate Diamond Dark Rum, Cruzan Estate Diamond Light Rum and Cruzan Single Barrel Rum. Each rum is distilled from tropical rainwater and high quality molasses and aged for five to twelve years. Not only does the collection sound good, it’s actually affordable. Both Estate Diamond rums are priced at $19.99 while the Single Barrel goes for $29.99. This is a collection worth investing in.


Famous wine makers Trinchero Family Estates are experimenting with a new booze. The brand has created Sugar Island, a new rum, that will join its spirits collection that already includes Tres Agaves and Cruz Tequila. Distilled from Caribbean sugar cane, Sugar Island will feature two flavors: Spiced (amber) and Coconut (silver). The rum debuted last week at $18.99 a bottle. Winos making rum? We’ll give it a try.


Key West, an island known for its rum bootlegging during Prohibition is getting its first federally licensed distillery ever. Hard to believe isn’t it? Professional kite boarder and chef Paul Menta is entering the spirits world and opening Chef Distilled this year. He plans to debut his first spirit, Legal Rum, in October with a nod to the rum bootleggers of Prohibition. Each bottle will feature a photo of a Prohibition era felon for $21 a bottle. Keep your eye out for the criminal laden bottles from Florida.