Whether or not you’re much of a wine drinker, Valentine’s Day is the one holiday where you kind of need to pop open a bottle to show your romantic side. You can bring it to your lover as a gift, share it over dinner, or celebrate Single Awareness Day and drink that entire bottle by yourself with your good friends Ben and Jerry. How you celebrate Valentine’s Day with wine is totally up to you, so we’re going to recommend some good ones and you can let us know how you chose to drink them.


Il Cuore Chardonnay 2012

Il Cuore means “The Heart” in Italian, the ultimate romance language. It’s produced from grapes grown exclusively in California’s Mendocino County and since this vintage blend includes six percent Viognier, tropical fruit aromas are enhanced and flavor complexity is added.


Flirt California Red Wine

This wine has some sassy, flirty eyes on the label and obviously, the name speaks for itself. Share this wine if you’re a new couple in the honeymoon stage, or a couple that’s been together a while and can appreciate the cheesy things in life. It’s a blend of Syrah, Tempranillo and Zinfandel and the flavors are warm, juicy red plum, baked cherry spice and cherry cola layered with vanilla and butterscotch.


Folie a Deux Cabernet Sauvignon

What could scream “Valentine’s Day” more than a wine whose name means “a passion shared by two”? Also, imagine your significant other’s face when you use your fanciest French accent to tell them about this fact. This Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon features fragrant dark cherry, blackberry, cassis and anise aromas, and rich, elegant, black fruit flavors.


Heart & Soul Moscato

This Australian wine is a great Valentine’s Day find because a) it makes you look romantic and b) it’s cheap, but tasty with hints of apricot, apple, and peach. Buy this wine if you’re on a budget or if you’re not sure if you want to commit to your Valentine yet.


What bottle are picking up for this Valentine’s Day?