One American craft brewery is taking the wishes of their consumers to heart and putting it to a vote! Samuel Adams, a Boston staple, has released hundreds of unique and delicious brews since 1984, and unfortunately it has been impossible for them to keep every brew they have ever made on the shelves. Over the years the Sam Adams team has received requests from fans who are dying for their favorite brew to be released from the vault, and they recently decided to give those fans some hope by organizing the #SamVote.

Sixteen discontinued styles are now up for reelection, customers and fans have been asked to select four beers that they would like to sip on once again. The four winners will then all be brewed and served at the Boston brewery and at festivals across the country this summer. At the end of the season the four favorites will be up for a second round of voting, and the two winners will be brewed and re-released in the January 2016 sampler pack for all of the loyal fans to enjoy.

You can vote for your old favorites via the Sam Adams website now until the polls close on May 25th! And if there’s one specific brew you are determined to bring back into production you can even vote once a day! We know the great Samuel Adams believed in democracy, so be sure to pay tribute and take advantage of your rights. Cast your votes here!