Another wonderful invention that we didn’t know we needed has entered the world. It’s a robot tongue that can distinguish the difference between beers. Calm down, it doesn’t actually look anything like a tongue. It’s just a bunch of wires and sensors.

Curious as to how this all works? The robots have sensors that can determine the different chemical compounds in beer. Once it figures out what’s going on, the robot can recall what it learned in previous taste tests to determine the type of beer in its glass. So far it has had a lot of success distinguishing between 4 brews and is about 87% accurate. That’s a much higher accuracy rating than LeBron’s field goal percentage. That’s right. Believe it or not, this robot is better at tasting beer than LeBron is at basketball.

Once they perfect the technology, it’ll be a huge win for the beverage industry. They need taste testers to ensure consistency and quality, but people can’t work around the clock like robots can. Cheers to the future.