You really can’t get more Rhode Island than a Del’s Lemonade inspired summer shandy. You also can’t get any more delicious.

Narragansett Beer, a DIA favorite and Rhode Island beer legend, is teaming up with the frozen lemonade company as part of their special Hi Neighbor series. For the limited edition series, Narragansett partners with local RI companies like their collaboration beer Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout. That sold out in a flash and Del’s Shandy is no different.

The beer is a blend of Del’s Lemonade and Narragansett Beer to create the ultimate summer beverage that we’re dying to taste. Rumor has it they’re selling out by the case but we’re going to do our best to get our hands on as many cans as possible. A six pack of 16 oz. goes for $8.99 and the shandy should be available through August… as long as they don’t sell out.