Represent Your ‘Hood…with Booze!

Our Stories October 15, 2009 5 Comments.

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Every state has an official bird, flower, tree, rock, whatever…but what about a state drink?

Does everyone love Manhattans in New York? Are Alabama Slammers all they drink in Alabama? There has to be a Roll Tide cocktail!

Our loyal twitter friend @sunshinekeywest agrees that “Geography Cocktails” is a great theme for a party. Have some friends over and give them a little taste of the nation. It’s an economical way to see what this country has to offer.

So, we’re on a mission. We want to hear what drinks you think represent your area.

Let’s hear something!


5 thoughts on “Represent Your ‘Hood…with Booze!

  1. Carter

    I’m going to guess anything with a Tea additive for a Boston based cocktail. Boston tea party, anyone? And with the new Absolut Boston, that pretty much sums it up. Cool post.

  2. DIA Post author

    Well, we’re glad you noticed and glad you’re enjoying 🙂 We’ll have new posts up today. Be sure to let us know if there is a particular topic you’re interested in. Happy Friday – Cheers, DIA

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