On this day in 1933 prohibition ended and our great nation hasn’t stopped celebrating since. It’s only fair that we continue to honor this historic day in the year 2015.  After all, we still haven’t fully made up for those 13 wasted years of liquorless nights.

Dressing up like a flapper and hosting a party with your friends is one way to pay your respects. These cocktails offer fun and timely suggestions for you to serve your guests. All you’ll need to worry about is getting your old record player back in fighting shape.

If you’d rather make a public appearance for your Repeal Day festivities then there are plenty of bars celebrating the day with deals that will make you think it’s still 1933. It’s easy to drag your friends out on the town when they have delicious $1 drinks to look forward to.

However your decide to celebrate that fact that alcohol is part of our daily lives, remember to do so responsibly.