A_glass_of_red_wine 2The many health benefits of red wine have encouraged wine-lovers to pour themselves another glass over the years. Claims have been maid that red wine can help prevent heart disease, reduce inflammation, and extend your lifespan—if you drink it in moderation. A new trial says it can do something else—slow down dementia.

The trial, conducted by Georgetown University’s Dr. Scott Turner, found that a pill containing a concentrated dose of resveratrol—an antioxidant compound found in red wine and dark chocolate—could slow the onset of dementia. The highest does pill that was used in the study is equivalent to the resveratrol in 1,000 bottles of wine. That’s more than even Gerard Depardieu can drink.

Despite the debate about some of the other claims of red wine’s health benefits, the Georgetown University study has the support of several scientists. According to the study, the resveratrol pill stabilizes a biomarker that declines as dementia develops. While this is a single study on the smaller side, and it’s really a call for further research, the results are promising. So pour yourself an extra large glass of red wine tonight. Salut!