coca cola flavored wine

We can handle a Jack and Coke, or a Rum and Coke. But one French winemaker is doing the unthinkable and adding Coca-Cola to red wine. Say it isn’t so.


Rouge Sucette (French for “red lollipop”) was introduced this week in France. The wine-cola hybrid is made from 75% grapes and 25% cola flavoring. At 9% ABV, the wine is best served chilled according to the brand. In our house, sangria is the only red wine allowed in the fridge. Rouge Sucette is currently retailing for €2.95 aka $3.80 a bottle in the U.S. But don’t get your hopes up; the price is bound to be jacked up when it makes it way over here.


Shockingly enough, Rouge Sucette isn’t the first to think of this combo. Although it was recently invented, the Kalimotxo cocktail is quickly becoming a favorite in the Basque region of France and Spain. It’s a mix of red wine and cola and makes an appearance in most bars in the region. Why? We just can’t figure that one out.


We know this outrages all you wine buffs. We’ll take our wine straight and our cola with whiskey, thank you.


Would you drink Rouge Sucette?