sc-food-0410-drink-vermouths-20150406Remember when you were a teenager and you would pay a certain interest to your parents’ home bar? We all do. But there was one bottle in particular that baffled us, as it never seemed to disappear—the Vermouth. Because most cocktail recipes only require a small amount of the liquor, Vermouth bottles everywhere are destined to take up space on bar shelves until the end of eternity. Unless you’re a “martini-a-day” kind of person, you’re probably pining to get through at least half your bottle of Vermouth before you die. These useful recipes will help you utilize your Vermouth’s fresh, herbal features directly from your own kitchen.

Fig & Rosemary Jam:
Time to take out that cheese plate. This delicious concoction is full of fresh figs and sprigs of rosemary—and of course, Vermouth. Whether you’re using the jam to compliment drinks at a cocktail party or to simply smother on a grilled cheese sandwich, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with this recipe right away. (Recipe here)

Lobster Spaghetti:
Need we say more? We will anyway. This recipe originates straight from Santorini, Greece; so it’s light and refreshing taste will make you feel like you’ve mastered island time. With just a little pasta, lobster, spices and (of course), Vermouth, you’ve got yourself one indulgent dish. (Recipe here)

Chicken with Garlic, Lemon and Potatoes:
Have a few other items you’ve wanted to empty from your fridge? Well for this recipe, all you need is a large roasting pan, chicken, vegetables and a splash of Vermouth. The fresh herbs combined with the wine-based spirit makes one deliciously simple dinner. (Recipe here)

Banana Manhattan Cupcakes:
There’s nothing better than a boozy dessert, and we know you feel the same. These cupcakes require roasting a few bananas and scooping some sour cream to make the base. The icing is where the Vermouth comes in, adding a sweet, caramel taste to an already mouthwatering concoction. (Recipe here)

Poached Pears:
You’ve heard of alcohol-poached pears—well Vermouth, Campari, and gin-poached pears are where it’s at. After spiking the fruit, it will become sweet and tender, perfect for a complimentary scoop of vanilla ice cream or freshly made whipped cream. (Recipe here)

Still have some leftover Vermouth? What’s your go-to recipe to use up your liquor?