We are always fascinated by rare finds in the alcohol world and are often jealous of the select few who get to enjoy those limited batches. We just read in Forbes, however, that normal folks like us could have a chance to enjoy a rare whiskey from the 1950s that is now available for purchase.

There’s an exclusive, private club called the Whiskey Syndicate and it was basically founded around this rare whiskey. In 1958, six directors at The William Muir Limited company were in an Edinburgh warehouse owned by William Muir and came across a blend of Scotch malt and grain whiskies aging in 10 large oak vats. The group ultimately found out that the blend was created by Marshall Taplow and was originally distilled in 1954 using a recipe from the 1800s. They had the whiskey bottled up and gathered a group of friends and whiskey lovers who ultimately became the founding members of the Whiskey Syndicate.

There obviously was not enough whiskey to keep the Whiskey Syndicate members’ glasses full for over 50 years, so they continually add new whiskey to the original solera vats. One longtime member, Mahesh Patel (who also owns the world’s largest whiskey collection), asked the group if he could bottle some of the goods for distribution and to share with the rest of the world. The group agreed and Patel named the whiskey Syndicate 58/6. It has 18 single malt whiskies, four single grain whiskies, and also some of the original 1958 blend due to the solera system it is aged in. The blend is matured for up to 2 years in 4 year old Oloroso Sherry casks which are imported from the Spanish region of Andalucia.

Patel told Forbes how he would recommend that drinkers enjoy the rare whiskey: “Should always try it neat at first, and then put a touch of water in there. I always encourage a bit of water because it does open up the whiskey and everyone has a unique palate.”

Syndicate 58/6 is an exclusive limited edition, so to find out where it is available in your area, you can contact them directly at info@whiskeyconcierge.com.